What Software Managed Unit Doses Are Doing For Your Business

If you are a small to medium sized retail or wholesale pharmaceutical operator you need to note this now. The following practical in-store and warehouse work highlights will be supportive in propelling your small business forward in a highly competitive space within the important health services industry. Doing so previously may have had numerous challenges and set you back in your ability to keep up to schedule and on time with your necessary unit dose packaging, but now software based systems available help create for you a more flexible and profit taking work environment.

Take a quick look at what the innovative and user friendly system allows for you and your staff to do far more effectively than ever before. Utilizing this system you are now able to conduct faster recording of patients and their prescribers while keeping schedules flexible for them and for you in keeping with the customary manner in which you conduct your day to day business affairs. You are also able to generate refill requests electronically as the requirements of patients’ prescribers dictate. There is no longer the need to allow tardiness to slip in when computer generated reminders are already in place.

unit dose packaging

Your user friendly and highly visible system also encourages accuracy through the use of a 2 D barcode scanner that verifies the identifications of your customers as well as your prescribers’ accreditations and licenses. Other features include the optimized ability to manage all controlled substances and PSE related products. You can also create clearly legible and timeous warnings on allergies and symptoms to concentrated drug use. The system you use is ICD0 compatible and you are always able to capture quick authorizations whenever required.

And you can also control the prices you need to charge in order to remain sustainable.